Toilets in lifts. Only in Japan.

Guess what the Japanese government decided after the latest earthquake?

Japan sits on the junction of four tectonic plates. Which means each time the earth shrugs, everyone in Japan has a near-death experience. Or they are stuck  in trains, cars, buses, shopping malls and lifts till the emergency services arrive.

While that in itself is unpleasant, what if you need to use the toilet at that very precise moment? That’s the question the Japanese government asked itself, and decided that ‘Hold it’ could not be the answer.

Cue the official press release: “We are looking at installing  toilets in elevators and providing an emergency supply of drinking water for people trapped by the nation’s frequent powerful earthquakes”. Talk about making toilets accessible!

Exactly how a person is supposed to do his or her business in a crowded elevator, that’s not going anywhere anytime soon was something that officials did not elaborate upon.

Watch this space for updates.