The Zen of Farting and 5 Other essential bathroom reads.

A carefully curated list of books that are essential reading for the erudite pooper.

Most people like to have something to read while on the throne. Some read the day’s paper, others do the puzzle and some read the back of pack of the room-freshener. But the serious bathroom reader will have a well-stocked library that’s appropriate for the occasion.


Endlessly Engrossing

A roller coaster ride that zigzags through history, trivia, and facts, this book is an absolute must have in your bathroom library. Filled with fun facts on everything from World War II to super trains to water wars to 3D television, Uncle John’s Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader guarantees laugh-out-loud, wow-really? moments. Consider this: the book includes an account of Hitler’s personal physician’s attempt to poison him while pretending to cure a flatulence problem. Yes, really!



The Zen of Farting

Reepah Gud Wan presents the tale of a Buddhist monk who was frustrated by the inability of his students to grasp the abstract concepts of Buddhism. He decides to play a joke on them, confident that even his densest pupil would be able smell the joke and laugh at his excessive seriousness. But the joke is lost upon his students. His fame, like his fart, spreads far and wide. Soon the Master had thousands of students eager to learn this brave new spiritual teaching.

Filled with deep philosophical musings like – “What we call life is just as shallow and meaningless as a fart.” or ” When we die our bodies become dust, just as fart becomes air.” – the Zen of Farting will ensure that you leave the bathroom feeling light and enlightened.



The Greatest Stories

Sometimes history is made when a chauffeur takes a wrong turn. The Greatest Stories Never Told is a collection of 100 such small tales explaining the mistakes and the downright idiotic decisions that changed the course of history. A new discovery waits on every page, and will have you shaking your head in wonder. But it’s all true, and you will not want to wait to share what you learnt with your friends. Just remember to wash your hands first.


Fierce Pajamas

If you’re the kind that loves great writing, sharp insight and a delightful turn of phrase, then your bathroom library needs a copy of this NOW. Fierce Pajamas is a treasury of laughter from The New Yorker, the magazine W H Auden called “the best comic magazine in existence”. A collection of the best pieces by the funniest writers of our time –  Groucho Marx, Steve Martin, Woody Allen, Ogden Nash, to name a few – this book is the crème de la crème of the stories that have been published in the past 75 years of The New Yorker.



Flash Fiction Forward

How short can a story be, and still be a story? One to two pages long, according to the authors who have contributed to Flash Fiction Forward. It’s filled with short, beautifully crafted stories about love, loss, greed, cats, narrow escapes and everything else under the sun.  While each story will only take a few minutes to read, it will stay with you long after you’ve flushed and exited.



Reader's Digest

Yes, yes, we know it’s not really a book. But The Reader’s Digest with its compact size (perfect for the bathroom ledge) and its short crisp articles is tailor-made for the reader in a hurry. In its pages you will find reading material for every sort of bathroom break: Short funny anecdotes for those quick in and out jobs. Longish articles about surviving earthquakes or life threatening illnesses for when you’ve not had enough fiber in your diet.  And best of all you’re assured of new reading material every month.