ICICI Bank initiates clean societies through Swachh Society Awards (SSA)

Swachh Society Awards
Swachh Society Awards

If you have a society that is clean, green and with cooperative members. This is the place to apply for your society to earn accolades and huge sum prize money that can spent on redecorating house for Christmas. Prizes worth ₹30 Lakh. But more importantly, it is the opportunity to showcase your housing society and share your knowledge and experience in making the society clean, green and a safe environment to live.

It is individuals that make the society – the legal entity and the society as a whole nation where if we do our bit in and around our own vicinity we would be contributing towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Coming back to the awards, prizes and recognition, they will comprise of installing society infrastructure like Energy Conservation, Rainwater Harvesting, Segregated Waste Dustbins, Mopping Machine, Compost Pit, Painting or similar infrastructure on cleanliness, safety and adoption of clean/green technology. This is really some contest which does not happen over night, this really needs a lot of collective thinking and a common vision for the society.

Swachh Society Awards is open to all residential housing societies registered under Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) region. Check the Elgiblity. Criteria for winning is points

Invite your society member, now to register for #SwachhSociety – https://www.swachhsocietyawards.com/invite.aspx