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5 hacks to reduce the time you spend in the loo.

You’ll spend 1 ½ years of your life in the bathroom. We’ll help you save some time.

Before you start popping laxatives to squeeze 10 extra minutes of productivity out of your day, try out five natural solutions that will make your morning ritual more efficient.

Drink water

A glass of hot (not scalding, just hot) water first thing in the morning will do wonders. Don’t stop with that glass of water, stay hydrated through the day (8 glasses are recommended). It will dilute the acidic elements in your stomach and keep your digestive system active.

Make it a habit

Your body is a creature of habit. Try and be regular. Go to the toilet every day at the same time. Teach your body what’s expected of it and it will make sure you won’t be spending a lot of time in there.

Change your position

There’s a reason why Indian Toilets make you squat. Our ancestors knew what was best for the body way before the West figured it out. Squatting aligns your body’s plumbing to allow for a smooth, natural and strain-free process.  A study done by Digestive Diseases and Sciences claim that sitters took 79 seconds more than squatters to do their business.

Get bacteria to do your work     

Everyone knows there are good and bad bacteria. The good ones are camped in your stomach making sure everything is digested properly. A bowlful of yogurt (pro biotic if you can get it) along with breakfast every morning is an excellent way to make sure there are enough good bacteria fighting on your side.

Eat right

What comes out (and how much time it’ll take) depends on what goes in. Include lot of fibre in your diet – dal, rajma, chick peas, rotis made from whole wheat flour, brown rice, leafy vegetables, cauliflowers, carrots, fruits of all kinds, the list goes on.

Soluble fibre (oats, fruits, root vegetables) are easily digested and therefore easy to pass out.

Insoluble fibre (whole wheat roti, nuts, cereals, vegetables) is not digested easily so it helps other foods move through the digestive system easily.

Have a balance of both in your diet and you’re good to go.